Friday, February 12, 2010

A Happy Heart Day to all....

...hopefully full of love and of course a bit of sugar.

Chocolate is always my first choice, but the Red Velvet is also grand.

We also added a little Rocky Road and Peanut Butter LOVE.

All of this wonderful sugar can be found at Gigi's. Such a
wonderful place where they offer a different variety of cupcakes
daily. Most of her stores are in Tn, but she is branching into
other states as well. Isn't the Valentine box cute?

Such a Valentine cutie! I was lucky enough to win her from
Heather. She participated in a Valentine ornament swap and
had a couple to give away. This little princess will be on my inspiration
board soon.

This lovely pink quilted heart was given to me in a swap
at Silver Bella. I don't remember who made it, but it
was one of my favorites!

A little bird of love....hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Vintage Valentine Swap

I was able to participate in this swap for Valentine's day. We were
to make a Valentine project with a vintage feel, include a vintage card and candy.
Pam was my wonderfully creative and talented partner. She
definately "wowed" me with this creation!

This altered card with my initial may be my favorite part.

But, it is hard to say, because this glittered flower is so lovely.

Check out the details here.

She also included this cute heart shaped vintage Valentine card. I
would show you the candy, but I ate it too quickly for photos. Yummy
caramel and caramel covered marshmallows....just divine!

Here's my project...I altered a book cover with vintage wallpaper,
lace, buttons and hanging from the bottom, an old key and jeweled heart.

I just love velvet leaves and old earrings.

A closer view of the dangling "Key to my Heart".

I also included a vintage Valentine card and this box of bon-bons.
Thanks Pam for all of my wonderful Valentine goodies! My new pink project will probably stay out all year, for it is too pretty to go in the closet!

Friday, February 5, 2010

A Bargain... just $25, these boots may be the best money I have spent
this year. I originally bought them to wear while taking Juju
out in the rain. Who knew they would be so handy in the snow??!!

A snow loving dog for sure. We practically have to beg
her to come back in the house.

Here she is chasing after the neighbor's dog.

Kyle just hanging out in the snow. It has finally melted, but
flurries are in the forecast for Saturday...I hope not!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Oh Happy Day!

Today is National College signing day for high school athletes.
My daughter Macy has been running/jumping/hurdling for about
6 years now. Her "medal" arrived today in the form of a track
scholarship to Samford University.

Three of her fellow classmates signed football schloarships as well!

It was such a nice event to attend and as you can see, we
are all smiles. It was a little scary being in front of
the entire high school.

This group of fine coaches help to make it all possible for Macy.
Coach Hunt, Coach Kinder, Coach Cheeseman, Macy and Coach Davies. All of these folks hold a special place in her heart. Coach Kinder is her
year round coach and she has been training with him since the summer
of 2004.

And my favorite photo of the day, Macy and Kyle. One of the best
sister/brother duos around! They still love each other and I think
this photos shows it all!


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