Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fabric, jewels, buttons ...

Can we ever have enough of them? I purchased these fabrics for Inspired and
plan to use them for Jennifer's project. We are supposed to have eight
different fabrics for the collage, but I like the one on the far left so much,
that I plan to use it twice. Look at the beautiful detail on this Anna Griffin fabric.

I found these vintage diamond pins at the Nashville Flea Market yesterday.
The lady who sold them to me has very reasonable pricing and I plan to visit
her again soon. I will use one of the pins for my collage.The pretty buttons
came from Textile Fabrics store also in Nashville.
These pretty vintage button cards arrived in the mail on Friday. I purchased
them from Beth, as she always has a good selection in her Etsy store.

This journal and vintage buttons are also from Beth. The pages in the journal
are great and will be used in future projects. She also included this vintage post
card with a sweet note on the back dated 1914. It is fun to look back in the past!
Hope everyone had a restful weekend. Kana

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring swapping..............

....with Joyce. Feast your eyes on my wonderful spring
package. I love it all! Joyce was clever and noticed my
love of purple.

This is my FAVORITE item.....a vintage
vinegar bottle including pretty pearls
and bird charm. Just perfect!

She included several vintage images, including the cute
apron piece and the button card. I will enjoy using these
on future projects.

A closer view of the pretty spring banner, and note the
wonderful detail on the pillowcases. Joyce, I really
love all of my swapping treasures and want to send a
heartfelt thanks to you! And now, for a few photos of the
items I sent her way.

Joyce likes birds, so when I saw this unfinished
bird pencil holder, I had to have it for her. I
covered it in vintage wall paper and added
a pretty flower, as birds need some decoration

An altered mini journal for note keeping and a vintage wall
paper covered frame for a special photograph/image.

I love this petite bird nest and sparkling birdie. I need
to make one for me.

Here's a look and all of the pretties I gathered
or made for Joyce. I hope she will enjoy them!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Junking for jewels....

I am attending Donna Downey's
Inspired event in May and need
some vintage jewels for a project
with Jennifer Stewart. I think
that I am off to a good start!
Although, the pretty long piece
in the middle is a pin and I may
just wear it.

I also found this beautiful frame
with Little Boy Blue in it. I like
it just the way I found it with the
chipped gold paint!

Look at the floral detail....very pretty. For now
I plan to keep him in the frame, but will probably
make a collage of my children to replace it sometime
in the future. Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Back from Boston.....

....and happy to be home! I think
Boston would be better in the summer
time. We did enjoy the city and all
of the wonderful history. Macy and
Kyle waiting at the subway
station for the T line train.

Beautiful work on one of the
many churches in Boston.

We toured several burial grounds
while walking the freedom trail.
Many of the grave markers date
back to the 1600's and look at
the detail on this one.

I enjoyed the beautiful old signs
and buildings, but am happy to be
back in Tennesse with 76 degree
weather and of course, there is
no place like home!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Inside the house, I am enjoying some pretty
Easter finds. I received this putz house from
the boutique on Karla's blog. I LOVE it! The
bunnies and lamb are glittered and the details
on this piece are wonderful.

This precious bunny was found at
a local shop and has a real vintage
look to it.

Outside, in my front yard, I am enjoying the
blooms on this beautiful Bradford pear tree.
Yesterday, it was 80 degress in the Nashville
area and today 44 degrees. Will Spring be here
soon? I sure hope so!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Easter tag swap...........

I am participating in Andrea's Easter tag swap.
We made 21 tags with a vintage Easter theme and
at a small size of 4" x 2". I enjoyed making them
and am looking forward to receiving mine as well.
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. How
great is that extra daylight? Loving that!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pretty pink bread box...........

Actually, only the top is pink, but it is pretty.
I purchased this from a local antique store and
the tag said "1940 bread box". This is a far cry
from the ugly plastic packaging we now see
bread in! I am planning to RE-USE this in my
creative space, maybe for stamps. My blogging
friend Beth says we should think re-use and I
like her way of thinking! We are such a wasteful
and disposable society.

The back of the bread box has a vent, which
is interesting to me. We close bread up in a
plastic bag to keep the air out.

Speaking of re-using items, check out this photo
holder. I purchased this from a different antique
store and love it! I am not sure about all of the
pieces, but the button and ornate metal piece
on the bottom make this special.

I use it to display a special photo or
vintage holiday card. Have a great
evening. Kana

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March calendar

I am loving the soft colors of this picture of my daughter.
It seems the perfect choice for my March refrigerator
calendar (see Jan 8 post). While the weather outside
continues to be cold and windy, inside I can enjoy pretty
spring colors and flowers in my kitchen.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Bunnies are back!

Welcome March, although the weather isn't
exactly spring like. We ushered in March
with rain and snow today, but a girl can
dream of spring days. I made these bunnies
in a ceramics class about 10 years ago and love
to bring them out. They currently reside on
my kitchen island and live there from March
until September.

They look pretty with their spring bows!

Maybe soon, we will see real
bunnies hopping outside!


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