Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pretty pink bread box...........

Actually, only the top is pink, but it is pretty.
I purchased this from a local antique store and
the tag said "1940 bread box". This is a far cry
from the ugly plastic packaging we now see
bread in! I am planning to RE-USE this in my
creative space, maybe for stamps. My blogging
friend Beth says we should think re-use and I
like her way of thinking! We are such a wasteful
and disposable society.

The back of the bread box has a vent, which
is interesting to me. We close bread up in a
plastic bag to keep the air out.

Speaking of re-using items, check out this photo
holder. I purchased this from a different antique
store and love it! I am not sure about all of the
pieces, but the button and ornate metal piece
on the bottom make this special.

I use it to display a special photo or
vintage holiday card. Have a great
evening. Kana


  1. Oh Kana another beauty! That Bread box is a winner!! I have a couple of tins that size from a Homewares outlet (new)I go to that I use in my pantry to store packets of things in. Not as nice as that though for Vintage charm! No room for a bread box on my counters. Besides I always freeze my bread to keep it fresher longer. But I always love using my 'Bread tins' in my pantry :) Irene x

  2. Kana, those tin breadbox is lovely. I like your vintage photo display. What a creative idea!

  3. Hi Friend.. Interesting post.. Keep up the good work..Do find time to drop by my site and post your views... Take care.. Cheers mate!!!

  4. Love the pink lid on that breadbox. I like different and unique storage for my craft things, too.



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