Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Inside the house, I am enjoying some pretty
Easter finds. I received this putz house from
the boutique on Karla's blog. I LOVE it! The
bunnies and lamb are glittered and the details
on this piece are wonderful.

This precious bunny was found at
a local shop and has a real vintage
look to it.

Outside, in my front yard, I am enjoying the
blooms on this beautiful Bradford pear tree.
Yesterday, it was 80 degress in the Nashville
area and today 44 degrees. Will Spring be here
soon? I sure hope so!


  1. I'm so jealous you have a Pear tree blooming in your front yard. I just see brown in my yard.... I can't wait for spring to come too.

  2. Love the Easter Banner as well as your goodies! While blossom covers your trees, my trees are saying hello to Autumn! Aint it amazing!! Hello from over here to over there!! Irene x

  3. I love your little putz house and especially the bunny. He/she does have a vintage look. The Bradford pears in our area don't bloom until mid to late April. We too, had 60 degrees yesterday and 35 today.....UGH!



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