Thursday, May 28, 2009

Missing in May...

...yes, it has been awhile. I do believe that May is every bit as busy as December!

I wanted to share a few more photos from Inspired. This pretty

in pink page, by Donna Downey, is actually a canvas.

What a great idea!

This sample is from Christy Tomlinson's mini workshop. The class was
fun and she gave us many supplies for future projects.

Another beautiful sample of Susan Edmonson's sewing canvases!

I wanted to share a few photos of where I have really been
in May. I was so happy to share many hours of track with
my daughter as she competed in Regional and State track
meets. Her team was crowned champs at the region and
2nd place in the state! It was great fun.

Here she is long jumping into the sand pit....looks like fun to
soar through the air!

And, when not at track, I can be found with my son (next
to #24) at the baseball field. His team took top district
honors this year!
Batter up!

As if those activities weren't enough.....I have been costuming
Blithe Spirit at the Pull-Tight community theatre. Madame
Arcati is working on contacting the "other" world.
While Elvira the ghost is up to no good. About all I feel
up to is a good night's rest....maybe soon.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Back from Inspired....

...and it was so much fun! Here's the wonderful Donna
Downey(on the left), our hostess.

We made this cute ring in a mini-workshop taught by Donna. I like
my vintage bling on the heart!

This was one of my favorite stores in the vendor market. Random
Arts is located in North Carolina and this booth had so many
wonderful art supplies, epherema, etc.
My first class, taught by Paulette Insall. The above painting is by
Paulette and of course mine does not look this pretty. I am about
75% finished with it.

Here I am working diligently on my self portrait.

I loved this class taught by Susan Edmonson, a quilt and fabric artist.
She had so many lovely samples of her great work. I could have
spent the entire weekend learning from her!
A beautiful sample of her work. The picture of the boy and horse is
actually on fabric that she runs through her printer.

Jennifer Stewart was another teacher and she is modeling her pretty
project. She encouraged us to do whatever we desired with different
paints and fabric. I hope to have mine finished soon and will post later.
Jennifer very generously shared from her vintage button collection.

She also set up a "glitter bar" which was so much fun. Who doesn't
love to play and create with glitter?

Paulo was our Inspired photographer and by the way, our
only male (except for Donna'a husband Bill) in attendance
for the weekend. I believe he had a rather good time "working"!

I was in group Z and each group held about 40-45 people. We are in
Cheyl Darrow's class, a metal workshop. I am pictured with Marsi,
from California, Esther and her sister Cheryl from Florida. We had
fun sitting together for all of our classes. We also had classes with
Carol Wingert and learned bookmaking, and a polymer clay class
with Tejae Floyde. It was a great time!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


It is finally here! I will be flying to Charlotte, NC tomorrow morning.
We have a casual get together planned for Wednesday evening, and
then check in on Thursday morning. I will be taking 3 mini workshops
on Thursday. We take 3 classes on Friday and 3 more on Saturday.
Stay tuned for photos and more details......


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