Thursday, May 28, 2009

Missing in May...

...yes, it has been awhile. I do believe that May is every bit as busy as December!

I wanted to share a few more photos from Inspired. This pretty

in pink page, by Donna Downey, is actually a canvas.

What a great idea!

This sample is from Christy Tomlinson's mini workshop. The class was
fun and she gave us many supplies for future projects.

Another beautiful sample of Susan Edmonson's sewing canvases!

I wanted to share a few photos of where I have really been
in May. I was so happy to share many hours of track with
my daughter as she competed in Regional and State track
meets. Her team was crowned champs at the region and
2nd place in the state! It was great fun.

Here she is long jumping into the sand pit....looks like fun to
soar through the air!

And, when not at track, I can be found with my son (next
to #24) at the baseball field. His team took top district
honors this year!
Batter up!

As if those activities weren't enough.....I have been costuming
Blithe Spirit at the Pull-Tight community theatre. Madame
Arcati is working on contacting the "other" world.
While Elvira the ghost is up to no good. About all I feel
up to is a good night's rest....maybe soon.


  1. Yes, you are totally right! I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and we think that the end of the school year is in many ways like the end of the calender year. There are all kinds of activities, like school plays and ends of tournaments and fun stuff for kids that would give them energy, but the parents have to do things first. Ah, you know what I mean, I can see that from your photos and didn't you say yourself; May is as busy as December? I love the creative part of your post too. Take care, it will be December before you know!

  2. How exciting about the costumes, that must be fun!!



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