Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pretty ladies...

I wonder what these pretty ladies are talking about.
Better yet what are they doing?

I suppose they are watching over my lovely box recently
purchased at an antique store.

Let's take a look will find several
items that I plan to use for my Silver Bella fabric
page swap. It is Christmas in theme and I chose the
pretty color combinations of pink, aqua and ivory.

I so love gazing upon these antique buttons, pale
pink beads and aqua bugle beads. Maybe, they will
inspire to move over to the sewing machine and get
busy on the project! I sure hope so.

I also found this handerchief apron at the antique
store. The construction is simple and the seamstress
used ribbon for the tie. Clever idea and I may just
have to try my hand at it.

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend! We had a
nice day in the 70' kind of day.
P.S. My new school days banner is from Kris Hurst...I love it!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summer time is winding down..

...seems like just a month ago that my
two children were playing between his
baseball games.

She wanted to jump on his back and
well, this is the funny photo that I
quickly snapped. It is now one of my
favorites of the two of them!

This morning I wished them good luck as they
headed off to their first day of school. Both of them
at the top of the pole this year, with her being a senior
and him being an 8th grader. We only have 12 more
months before we pack her off to college. So, I plan to
soak it all up....the sibling love, the games, the track
meets....all of it! This time next year will begin a
new chapter for our family, but for now, I will enjoy!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fabric and cabinet cards

I found this pretty linen sample at the fabric store and
brought it home to gaze upon. The colors are pale blue,
ivory, beige and brown....very lovely together. I may
purchase several yards to make a table skirt for my
art nest room.

I have been collecting a few cabinet cards at
the flea market. Although the photos are
wonderful and take me back in time, it is
the beautiful embossed images on the cards
that reel me in.

Take a closer look hear at the embossing....just lovely!

These cards are even more special when you actually know
and love the person....this is my Grandmother Betty. I found
this when we cleaned out her house. A note attached informed
me that this is her high school graduation photo from 1938...priceless!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Finally home..

...and hoping to have the family back on a schedule soon, since school
will be starting next week. Macy and I have just returned from Des Moines,
Iowa where she competed in the Junior Olympics. Tired, but never too
tired to see a new movie! We viewed Julie and Julia on Friday night.
Please run at your earliest convenience to see this precious movie! Meryl Streep and Amy Adams star in this very delightful movie.
As usual, Meryl Streep gives a wonderful performance and has
you believing she is Julia Child indeed! You need not be a fan
of Julia Child or cooking to enjoy this movie. I can't wait for it to
come out on DVD and even went to the bookstore after the movie
to purchase Julia's cookbook. Not to be seen as the only over eager
Julia fan, two other women raced over to the same bookstore and
the three of us about cleaned them out of Julia Child cookbooks.
I plan to make Boeuf Bourguignon in the near future!

Switching gears back to the Des Moines trip. After the competition,
we headed half way home and stayed in St. Charles, Missouri.
A feast for the eyes with its main street charm. How about a police
officer on horse......very nice.
We didn't eat at this restaurant, but I loved the sign and such a cute name.

The flowers were beautiful to gaze upon and if I had more time,
I would have loved to rest on this bench and take in all of
the scenery on Main Street.

There are many stores in this city, and I found 2 sewing stores side by side.
Yes, I would love to have this pretty in pink Atlas sewing machine, if only
just to gaze upon it everyday.

I also enjoyed this wall of many choices!

Here's my sweet daughter marking her spot for the long jump competition.
She is the one in the middle with the blue warm up suit on.

We had a wonderful mother-daughter time together. Although, I could forego
the early wake up call of 5:15 am!! It was a vacation after all. But a mom
must do what she must to support her favorite girl!


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