Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pretty ladies...

I wonder what these pretty ladies are talking about.
Better yet what are they doing?

I suppose they are watching over my lovely box recently
purchased at an antique store.

Let's take a look will find several
items that I plan to use for my Silver Bella fabric
page swap. It is Christmas in theme and I chose the
pretty color combinations of pink, aqua and ivory.

I so love gazing upon these antique buttons, pale
pink beads and aqua bugle beads. Maybe, they will
inspire to move over to the sewing machine and get
busy on the project! I sure hope so.

I also found this handerchief apron at the antique
store. The construction is simple and the seamstress
used ribbon for the tie. Clever idea and I may just
have to try my hand at it.

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend! We had a
nice day in the 70' kind of day.
P.S. My new school days banner is from Kris Hurst...I love it!


  1. Love the new banner and your color combo! That is one sweet apron too! Can you believe that women used to dress in pearls and wear a stylish apron to fry chicken!!

  2. oooooh, i just love your new apron...what a pretty little thing!!!

  3. Your new banner is great and so are the cream and aqua lovelies over here.The longer I blog the less I understand that Americans really travel off to Paris for brocante. It seems to me that for that reason you could better stay where you are. Love the box, would cost a fortune in Paris, or was put away behind something so you couldn't buy (really!).

  4. Hi Kana, so nice to have you visit me so I could find you! You have an adorable blog here, I will be back :)

    I l.o.v.e. those button color combinations. I have a mini-collection in just those shades and keep them displayed in a glass bottle so I can see them often. Can't wait to see what you make with these lovely embellishments! As for the ladies, ok the one on the right has a note, see how she holds it away from the other lady? She's not sure she trusts her with its contents. Now the lady on the left, she's very smooth and is confident she will win her friend over. She'll turn on the charm until she gets to see the letter, then not 5 minutes after her friend leaves she'll be sharing its contents with half the town.

    Oh...wait a minute, was that a rhetorical question? You didn't really mean for me to answer did you. Rats. :)

  5. I was just thinking to myself, as your blog banner loaded on my screen, (internet is a little slow tonight) that it is so adorable! Your silver bella fabric swap page is going to be beautiful. I especially like those vintage aqua bungle beads. I was a bit lazy this year and only signed up for one swap, Bella Birds, where there is no real creating, more just gathering. But I am really good at that!

  6. I love how all of your colors match from box to buttons to the will be the queen of the bella in that apron!

  7. What wonderful items! I first thought the box was going to be the one you use for the Rebecca Sower altered cigar box class. Might it be? So looking forward so your fabric page, it looks sweet already. :-) And what a find for that apron - that is soooo great. You sure find some great items. I only wish we had as many antique stores and flea markets as you have in the mid-west.
    Sharon :-)

  8. The colors for your swap are gorgeous...I hope I get to take a peek at it when you are finished!



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