Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fabric and cabinet cards

I found this pretty linen sample at the fabric store and
brought it home to gaze upon. The colors are pale blue,
ivory, beige and brown....very lovely together. I may
purchase several yards to make a table skirt for my
art nest room.

I have been collecting a few cabinet cards at
the flea market. Although the photos are
wonderful and take me back in time, it is
the beautiful embossed images on the cards
that reel me in.

Take a closer look hear at the embossing....just lovely!

These cards are even more special when you actually know
and love the person....this is my Grandmother Betty. I found
this when we cleaned out her house. A note attached informed
me that this is her high school graduation photo from 1938...priceless!


  1. Oh I love those colors of that linen. Linen is beautiful anyway don't you think? The photos and what we (and probably the french from whom we borrowed the following word) call passepartouts (fits around anything) are to die for, and yes I totally agree with you that the best photo is that of your grandmother! Priceless! Have a lovely day!

  2. Hello Kana!!

    Thank you for stopping by for a visit. You are so lucky to have old cabinet cards of your family!! My mother graduated in 1937 and we have a few CC of her and family. In fact the first time I quickly glanced at the picture of your grandmother she looked remarkably like my mother!! :)

    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mexico.

  3. THAT is some beautiful fabric girl!!!! A table skirt would be so lovely!!! You HAVE to show us pictures when it's complete! I'm in l-o-v-e!!!
    I also love your cabinet cards too! I have a serious addtion to these...sometimes it gets out of control. (well, not "sometimes"...it IS out of control!)
    Loved this post Kana...you snapped some beautiful photos!
    everything vintage

  4. I meant to spell addiction...it's really hard for me to admit that I have a problem! ;)

  5. Love the cabinet cards, inspiration board and the time you had with your daughter.......I hopefully will take your recommendation and head out to see Julie and Julia tonight.....I think it is such a great idea for a movie. I love the thought of someone you were so used to growing up and how they have inspired someone now. Sometimes I think of these great TV cook personalities as Artists because they really are creating something.

  6. Wonderful Embossed frames!! At last count I had 3 dozen (!I think I have too many) old chippy frames waiting for something special. These mounts would do the trick! Must see if I can find some somewhere....
    Hope you are all well and happy!
    Warm wishes, Irene.

  7. Hi Kana,
    All of those photos are just beautiful. How wonderful to have one of your grandmother. Would love to see more of that fabric...
    Sharon :-)

  8. Yes, these are priceless, and wonderful!
    Happy Saturday to you!
    Christina :)



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