Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summer time is winding down..

...seems like just a month ago that my
two children were playing between his
baseball games.

She wanted to jump on his back and
well, this is the funny photo that I
quickly snapped. It is now one of my
favorites of the two of them!

This morning I wished them good luck as they
headed off to their first day of school. Both of them
at the top of the pole this year, with her being a senior
and him being an 8th grader. We only have 12 more
months before we pack her off to college. So, I plan to
soak it all up....the sibling love, the games, the track
meets....all of it! This time next year will begin a
new chapter for our family, but for now, I will enjoy!



  1. Thank you so much for visiting and leaving such a nice comment.
    School starts here this week also, I remember how busy the first few weeks are. This year espicially for you with a senior in the house.
    My best to you and have a wonderful week

  2. You have such a wonderful attitude about your next 12 months Kana!!! ENJOY is certainly the positive way to do it instead of being sad that she will soon be leaving. Her senior year will be SO exciting, you won't know if you are coming or going. Although it will pass quickly, it will fill you up with wonderful memories!!!! As for the little one, he'll be following in his sissies footsteps and you'll be able to ENJOY it all over again soon!!!! Yay!
    Beautiful children girl...ENJOY being such a proud Mommy!!! You deserve it!
    everything vintage

  3. All this time, I was following your blog...now it's official! ;)
    (I never noticed you had it listed at the bottom of your site!) silly me!

  4. Ah it all goes too quickly! I am with Jodie: Of course you have to enjoy like you said yourself, but please please please could somebody slow up time for a moment?
    Wishing your kids a successful year at school and you much joy!

  5. Love your layout, it's a great picture. Enjoy this year with your daughter. You will see a gamut of emotions as the time for her to graduate and move on gets closer. They want to be independent and grow up and at the same time are scared of the whole thing. As quickly as High School flies-college goes even quicker! I sent my kids an email this week telling them how much I missed going back-to-school shopping....they are 34 and 36! You never stop being a Mom!



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