Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Frosty banner for Silver Bella and a little friendly advice...

This little winter cutie was one of six banners I made for
the vintage frosty banner swap for Silver Bella. Everyone
makes six similar banners in winter colors/theme and will
receive six back on swap night.

I took a papermache snowflake and painted it with blue
and white paint. Then attached my little winter girl
and covered her with glossy accents and glitter to
give her a pretty sugared look. Of course, her coat
needed a little wintery blue bling!

I used vintage sheet music and ledger papers to cover the
different banners and was lucky enough to find this old
piece of silver lace with jewels. I am excited to see
what banners pieces I will bring home.

We are having a cold and rainy day in TN today. Juju has the
right idea cuddling away in her dad's sweatshirt. She sure looks
warm and comfy!

Now for the friendly advice. This is my husband Mark. He is shown
recuperating on the couch with Juju as his fast friend. I mentioned
in an earlier post that he had surgery. Tomorrow will be 5 weeks since
he had open heart surgery for double bypass. Even as I type these words,
it still doesn't seem possible that he had to have this procedure done.
He had NONE of the risk factors: he does not smoke, he works out weekly,
he has a good diet, he is thin.....what we didn't realize, was his genetic
predisposition. His father was adopted and we now are assuming that this
is what lead Mark to this diagnosis. Mark came home from the
Y complaining of chest discomfort 2 times in an 8 day period.
I told him that he had to call the doctor and the rest is history.
So, if any loved one, especially the male type, confesses to any chest discomfort....please make them call the doctor. We are very blessed,
as my husband had no heart damage and no heart attack. We are now
on the mend and happy to be on the other side!


  1. Love your banners!
    What a blessing that you called the doctor after your husband's symptoms! I wish him all the best. And you too! Having friends that have gone through this I know what an anxious time it is for the entire family. So happy to hear everything turned out well! :)

  2. Glad to hear your husband is recovering ok......scary!!! Anyway I love your banner and hope to see pictures of the total swap....I have to see Silver Bella from pictures this year so I hope you take and share a lot of pics with us on your blog.

  3. Great to hear that your husband is recovering well. I know for certain that your lives have changed forever, but luckily everybody can still talk about it. Thanks for the advice, we might need it one day, you never know, but now we are prepared. Your frosty banner looks great. It is good that you still managed to make time for some creativity and that you are going to Silver Bella. I think it will be good for you to have a few days in a totally different surrounding.

  4. WOW Kana, I'm so happy your hubs is okay. That must have been really scary for you and the kids!!! I love hearing good news and that he is on the road to a good recovery.
    Now for the fun and games...your banner pennants are precious! I can't wait to see your banner put together with everyone's creations!!!
    See you in a couple of weeks!!! yay!!!!
    everything vintage

  5. I was happy to read this post and hear that your husband is recovering well. My husband had a massive heart attack at 43 (totally unexpected) so I know how shocking this stuff is. He is good, too....19 years later.
    I guess Juju will be in charge while you are at Silver Bella! Your banners are beautiful-so my taste, too! I will just have to live vicariously through you this year! I'm sure it will be a totally overwhelming experience!

  6. Wow...what a blessing you found out early enough. It is always nice to hear of the success stories and I am so glad he is recovering well (and with such a cutie pooch by his side!)
    Those banners you made are so adorable too! One of these years I'm gonna make it to Silver Bella! :)

  7. First of all I am so thankful that your husband is on the mend. What a scary ordeal!!! I have to admit I am a little paranoid now. I love, love, love your banner. What lucky women to get them. I can't wait to see what you get in return.

  8. I worry a lot about my husband too, his family has a bad history of heart problems. Its a terrifying thing, I'm so glad that your husband caught his in time!

  9. Ok, that dog is so freakin cute!!! :-)
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!



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