Sunday, January 3, 2010

Already missing all that glitter

I must confess....I love glitter! I love how it shines and the
texture is so pretty. Maybe that is why Christmas is such a pretty
time for me. I have a full glitter overload. So, to help out during
the rest of the year, I try to find other ways to make me glitter happy.

This is one of several calendars I either received or purchased.
One can never have too many calendars and when bathed in glitter,
all the better!

This is my lovely project from Jenni Bowlin's Glitterfest. We all used this basic frame, painted it and sanded it for a distresed look. We then applied a Jenni silver rub on to both ends of the opening. I wanted to use vintage wallpaper and also used a couple of Jenni's bingo cards.

I chose a favorite photo of my children taken at their Great Grandmother's house. It seems like such a long time since they were this small. I finished with a couple of glass glittered stars and some very favorite. Thanks to Jenni for a wonderful project, now displayed in my creative space. Now....what can I glitter next?


  1. What to glitter next?? Valentine's Day is coming.... :) Hope you had a wonderful New Year celebration!
    Happy 2010

  2. I LOVE that pink bird calendar - just gorgeous! Very fun project you made. It reminds me of the altered cigarbox design we made in Rebecca Sowers class with all the different graphic squares. Oh, that was so much fun!
    Sharon :-)

  3. That calendar is just to die for! Well let's put it this way: what cannot be glittered? Your husband, kids and the dog, that's about all, so glitter away sweetie!

  4. Thank you so much for visiting me Kana.
    It was lovely to discover your beautiful blog and yes, one can never have too much glitter!
    The bird calender is lovely.

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful year.


  5. I love what you did with the calendar! What a great idea! When the year is over you can take the pages and save them or make them into something else!

  6. i love this project! great choices of papers and photo! love your valentine tags too. creating is so good for the soul!



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