Saturday, October 23, 2010

Flea Market fun...

Had a great time at the Nashville Flea market with Suzanne.
She found this great "S" for her growing collection of

We think they were old building illuminated signage. Too bad
for "K"!

Awesome vintage spools...a little worn, but nice.

This vintage form is sporting a great feathered hat.

We saw many vintage Christmas beautiful. I
actually purchase several to add to my collection. It will be
that time before we know it!!


  1. Hi Kana, so glad to see you at the flea market Friday. It was great meeting Suzanne too! It looks like you had fun!

  2. great finds! Loving them all! Your package will be in the Post tomorrow. so sorry for the delay. has been a week of planning and then a week-end of 50th b'day celebrations for hubby!

  3. OOhhh you both must have had such a great time!! Nothing beats a great flea market!

  4. OK, just put you on my Google Reader. I just saw your name at Sheila's and remembered you from Silver Bella. It's heading in to home stretch, huh? I am beat!!!
    P.S. There is a really nice joint jewelry giveaway on my blog by Robin Thomas (A Nest With A View) and myself...come and sign up!

  5. Kana, I just love those vintage ornaments! Your blog is wonderful and the photos are great! See yousoon- Kim

  6. Just wanted to come over for a visit and say hello! Just read a commment that you left on Sheila R.'s blog about how busy you feel right now. I totally get it!

    I haven't been to the Nashville Flea Market in so long. My parents used to be vendors there and sell depression glass. Is it still as large as it was 15 years ago?

    Looking forward to seeing you soon at Silver Bella...



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