Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cupid Strikes Again.....

This time Cupid is aiming for Sherry. Her package left Tennessee today. So, enjoy your Valentine peak! I have really had fun working on all of my swaps.

Now, I must switch gears to sewing for the next couple of days. I have signed up for 2 different apron swaps. Since my partners don't know my identity, I will share the fabrics. The first apron will have several patterns for a pretty pink Valentine apron and the second one will be made with pink and green Amy Butler fabrics.

So, now it is off to the sewing machine for me!

Have a Happy Day,



  1. I'm so excited to receive the package you sent. I won't have yours in the mail until Thursday for sure. We still trying to finish up moving. I'll let you know when it arrives and when I send yours too.


  2. Hi Kana, I love seeing all your creativity! How in the world did you get signed up for all these swaps? And how are you finding the time? Everything is beautiful!

  3. HI Kana, I blog hopping the blogs of all the girls who entered the egg hunt swap.. making sure all the links I was sent work and seeing who everyone is! so hello! love your blog and I will be back!
    the valentines fabrics are sweet btw!

  4. Hi Kana,

    thank you for the sneak peek. I´m very excited it looks so great.You are so busy with all your swaps.
    I´m sorry I´m late with my package because we had this flu-like virus and I can´t leave the house until today. I´ll post a better sneak peek for you tomorrow . Hope the post way to Tennessee don´t last too long *sorry*

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