Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day..... this wonderful fella, my dad Jim. I stumbled across
a few family photographs from my grandmother's
collection and wanted to share this one.

Wishing everyone a happy first day of summer!
Theses 2 gals look to be enjoying their beachy day.

I prefer this cooler looking gal, decked out in blue
and hopefully a little shade. I am hoping for
cooler days ahead! Kana


  1. You should come over here! We almost never have a long hot summer. You can live without air conditioning over here. When I started blogging I was so surprised that a lot of ladies welcomed autumn sooo enthusiastically. Here we see autumn as a start of winter, end of lovely seasons and age of decay, a lot of people get depressed then...Anyhow I wish you a lovely summer!

  2. I love the photos and your new banner Kana!

  3. love the girls
    under the umbrella!
    i so want a swimsuit
    like that and a
    figure to go
    with it!
    i am looking forward
    to meeting you at
    silver bella, too!



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