Thursday, June 25, 2009

A senior moment and Bella fat book inspiration

Well, it is finally daughter is a senior.
We spent the afternoon at the Gwynn Castle in Arrington, Tennessee.
Most of the photographs were shot outside. For any Taylor Swift fans
out there, this is the location of the castle where she shot her
award winning video, Love Story.
I love the behind the scene shots. The drape doesn't look so lovely in
this view! And look, no arms.

It seems a little weird to see her in the cap and gown. I can
definately wait until next May for it to be real!

The photographer was kind enough to capture a shot with my camera.
A mom needs a few photos for the scrapbook. And yes, sad but true, my
legs are that white! (This is the staircase that Taylor runs down to
meet her Romeo...kinda romantic, huh?)
Switching gears now.....a few more photos of Susan Edmonson's
beautiful fabric artwork. I have signed up for a Silver Bella
swap, called Bella Holiday fat book.
I will be making 11 fabric pages filled with buttons, lace and
other pretty embellishments.

Susan's lovely work provides plenty of inspiration for me!
Luckily, I have about 3 months to get all of this done, and
I will need every bit of it! Kana


  1. Love the pictures. My friend Abby will love them. She is just graduating and first showed me the Taylor Swift video. I will be in Jenni's class with you at Big Picture. I am floridagirl.

  2. Your daughter is stunning! What a beautiful location for a photo shoot. I hope I get to see your book a SB. I have never done a book like that before.

  3. Hi Kana! Those pictures of your daughter are just beautiful! My daughter would be jealous if she knew the location of your daughter's photo shoot - she's a Taylor Swift fan! Is your daughter the baby of the family?

  4. What beautiful photos! Your daughter is adorable. How cool to be able to take the photos at the castle - I saw the making of the video on tv and wished it was nearby me. But alas, I am many states away! I like the fabric artwork shown above - I am still mulling over ideas and will probably spend a lot more time before I can really start them. Can't wait!


  5. Lovely photos! I use Dove sunshine body lotion (I think dove is available in the States too) for my legs and it helps! Shhhhh nobody noticed yet! I love these pages too. Have fun creating them. I cannot wait to see more.
    Have a nice weekend!

  6. Your daughter is beautiful---what a nice place to take pictures....Everyone says Senior Year goes fast----and they were right!!!!!

  7. Your daughter is so pretty! This is such an exciting time for both of our girls. I love the pages in the book, they are so pretty with all the stitching and flowers. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me the link and the words of encouragement! I really appreciate it!

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Kana! Your little grown up senior is BEAUTIFUL! You have every right to brag about her.
    And I'm so happy that you mentioned the Holiday Fat Book...I'm in it too and see? You've already inspired me to get in gear and start working on it...thanks!!!!
    everything vintage

  9. Love love love her pictures!!! :)



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