Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Twenty years ago..

I married this man....Mark. Here we are happily strolling down
the church aisle. Notice the smiles, I think we were very
relieved at this point!

This is one of my favorite photos of my dad and me, just
about to walk down the aisle.

Just in case you are wondering....BIG 80's hair was still in
style in 1989! Mine was tucked into a french braid, but
the bangs were big.
Heading out of the car and into the reception. It rained hard ALL day and
my brother had to carry us from the front of the church around back
to avoid getting wet. Don't you just love the patterned hose??!!
Switching the subject to some beautiful linen fabrics I picked up last
week. They are similar to bark cloth, but with a better price tag.
The button and earrings came from an antique store and are
waiting to be used for some vintage project.
Also picked this up at an antique store. It was a window
panel and the brown and pink linen looks so pretty teamed
up with the pink velvet trim. I believe this may become an
apron. Signing off for now....happy evening!


  1. Happy anniversary! My husband and I were also married in 1989. Do you think big hair will ever make a comeback?

  2. Hi Kana
    Happy Anniversary! Looking at your wedding pictures and the 80's hair is like going back in time! lol....I too had the big 80's hair for my wedding photos. My kids laugh all the time at them!
    Have a wonderful anniversary celebration!

  3. Happy anniversary, Kana.
    You were a beautiful bride, and the two of you make a very handsome couple.

    My husband and I will celebrate our anniversary later this month, as well.

    Best Wishes,

  4. congrats on 20 years!!
    what a blessing...btw -
    love LOVE the big
    80's hair!!!

  5. What a handsome couple you make! Great finds from the antique store. I will buy anything witha velvet ribbon trim (especially pinkl)- lol! Beautiful button and earrings too... I would be wearing those earrings in a heartbeat.

  6. Oh my goodness! Has it really been 20 years??? Yep...I see my big hair in those pictures. Too funny. Hope you had a great anniversary!!!

  7. Big hair and all, you look beautiful! And that groom looks like a movie star.

  8. Happy belated Anniversary to you and your Mr. Our anniversary is today...19 years. It was 95-degrees the day we were married. I don't know whatever possessed us to get married in July! Love your fabric finds!



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