Sunday, July 19, 2009


Here's a close up photograph of my inspiration board from
Jenni's class. I have added two pieces of inspiration,
old photos (even better when they are of family) and
vintage jewelry. Every week we will add more.

I decided to paint my old, gold frame (see last post) with off white paint. I
really like the finished product. I went with textured fabric
for the background.
Since I went with a large frame, I will have quite a bit
of room for several inspiration pieces! Jenni has asked
us to make a "top ten" list of items that we seem to be
most drawn to. I am not sure that I have ten, but
here are a few of mine:
vintage jewelry
vintage buttons
old photographs
vintage wallpaper
old ledger paper
old metal pieces/locks/keys
So, what inspires you??


  1. Vintage furniture, old photographs...

  2. The same list! But it is fun to think what I can put on that list mmmm krkrkr (thinking sounds) Lace! Ribbons! Old measurement tools! Ephemera in general, especially postcards and childrens books and old adds. Old packaging, like tattered bottles but also the beautiful cardboard packages of perfumer L.T. Piver from Paris, to name one. Oh the list is endless I'm affraid. Have fun!

  3. Oh Kana! I love your off white came out PERFECT! I really need to make me one...I'm just waiting on that perfect frame find.
    I'm with you on your list...but we must never forget the vintage velvet! tee hee! You are going to fill up that board before you know it!!! It's beautiful~
    everything vintage

  4. Kana, this is so
    beautiful and classy.
    i totally want to hear
    more about the class.
    is it so worth it???
    i have an obsession
    with rayon seam binding...
    it's just so pretty and floppy
    and makes everything look better!
    happy day!

  5. This turned out so great! Love that frame!!!

  6. Your inspiration board is lovely.....I find nothing more inspiring than photos, great choice for first items on your board.

    Things that I find inspiring include:
    Photos....both vintage and recent.
    Ephemera, especially anything floral or handwritten.
    Textiles, both vintage and new.
    Old lace, buttons and sewing paraphernalia.
    Porcelain, and anything silver or gold leafed, to name a few.

    Best Wishes,

  7. I think we have the same list!

  8. What a wonderful board - I love that frame, especially in the white. Love the sparkley jewelry, too! Things on my list I look for at a flea market are vintage ribbon, old jewelry, mirrors, vintage sheet music and other ephemera. Also beaded flowers. It's so much fun treasure hunting!

  9. Lovely blog! The re-do of the frame turned out really, really pretty. hope you post another picture of it filled with all your inspiration pieces!

    Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault

  10. Kana-This is Cheryl I love your posts. How are you attaching your items to your inspiration board? I have some ideas but am not quite sure how I will be doing my inspiration board. I just finished finals for the semester so now I can breathe (and play) for a second.

  11. hey sweetie,
    this is gorgeous!!!
    have a great weekend.



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