Saturday, November 28, 2009

Silver Bella...before and after & my family reunion

My first day was spent with Jessi and a bus load of Bellas.
We left the hotel at 9:00 and spent a full filled day with
our wonderful Omaha hostess. Here's a group shot that I
borrowed from my roomie Sharon,
snapped by the lovely Tiffany.

Our first stop was the Brass Armadillo, a large antique
mall. It was great and we shopped for 3 hours.

Sharon captured a beautiful photo of vintage Christmas
ornaments. The mall was a feast for the eyes. Both
photos courtesy of Sharon.

Jeanne and I stopped by this pretty store front on
main street in Omaha. This was Saturday night after
we had completed all of our classes.

Sharon and me playing in an old red phone booth!

We ate at Upstream and enjoyed a nice post Silver
Bella dinner. My new buddies, Megan, Jeanne, Jana,
me and Sharon.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving always brings my family
reunion. We have been doing this for many, many years and
I really look forward to the special time spent with
extended family! My cousin captured this family photo,
including the cute Juju.

I also took several shots of my children with Juju, in
hopes of getting that just right photo for the Christmas

And saving the best for last....the 2 patriarchs of my dad's
family. My Uncle Jay, who is 88 and my uncle Hall, who is 87.
Both of them are always in attendance and I realize that at
their age, every year may be the last. So, I wanted to remember
them happy and laughing and that is just what I got!


  1. Uncle Jay and Uncle Hall look like they're enjoying themselves- I bet they're fun to be around.

  2. Your banner is too cute Kana, did you make that yourself? Love your photos, you have such a lovely family, beautiful kids and now we see the patriarchs of your dads family too. What a great photo of these smiling youngsters!

  3. Nice family photo...and your uncles look so sweet!

  4. Like your festive banner! Enjoyed looking at all your photos, especially of your uncles! I don't have any older relatives left and I certainly miss hearing all the great family stories...

  5. I have been enjoying all of your Silver Bella photos. It certainly looks like you had a blast! I'm sure it will take some time still for you to process it all. I can't believe that tomorrow is December 1st! So much to do in the next short weeks. Yikes! Your family is so good looking-all of you. We had a great Thanksgiving with family, too.

  6. the photos of your family reunion!!! Your uncles are too precious!

    Your photos of SB are wonderful...did I tell you that I am sooooo lonesome??? I just peeped over from Sharon's blog since I haven't been on the computer since Dad passed but I am sooooo lonesome. Everything happened sooo fast, this roller coaster of happy/sad has to stop! I need to unpack my SB things and get happy again!!! But your photos sure do help and I wanted to stop in and tell you that I miss you. Sometimes I can still hear your accent in my head...I love it Kana!!!!
    Happy Holidays girl~
    everything vintage

  7. Hey girl! What a great post... first, I adore your new Christmas banner. :-) Great family photos you've posted, your daughter looks just like her mom! And little Juju is sooooo cute. How wonderful to have your family reunion and your two uncles. They sure look like they are having a great time. I hope Thanksgiving weekend was a good one - you needed some time for you. And visions of Silver Bella are still dancing in our heads! I still have yet to unwrap the Shabby Bella Ornaments! Such great memories of a really fun event.
    Big hugs,
    Sharon :-)

  8. Hi, Kana:

    Love your Silver Bella photos. I am so glad that I got to meet you there. Your accent was wonderful to hear. So much like home to me - and definitely not heard here in Iowa! I was in your city last week with my BFF. We had a wonderful time shopping - especially loved PD's in Franklin. Hope your new job is going well.

    Blessings, Kris

  9. I loved seeing all the SB photos again!!! Your children are beautiful!!! I just look at your pretty daughter and remember the story you told at dinner.

  10. I'm still cherishing this photo of Uncle Hall and Uncle J.C. I need to snag a copy of that for my own files...sure brings back some fun memories!



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