Thursday, March 11, 2010

I am really looking forward to attending this wonderful Jenni Bowlin event!
Jenni and her husband Jared are gracious hosts. So, if you are
interested, registration opens tomorrow and Southwest should have
an afforable flight into Nashville. Our flea market is great
and Jenni's event/store and classes will be come on and join me!!


  1. Oh Kana, I wish I could join you! The event sounds fabulous. Have fun, sweetie!
    Sharon ;-)

  2. You do get to hang out in some of the most interesting places! This event sounds about it on Jenni's blog (I think). Just got out my Easter decorations and enjoyed remembering our swap last year (a year already!!!) when I unwrapped some of the things you sent. Happy almost Spring Kana!

  3. Where have you been???? It would be wonderful to see you in the store SOON! Come see the Spring Banners I created for the windows - they're fun.
    Miss your smiling face -Joan at Textile

  4. That is going to be so much fun!!! Jenni seems like such a wonderful person.

  5. I am extremely tempted! My husband wants me to come with him to Nashville sometime, he travels there a few times a year. But I'm babysitting pups now. I'll keep my eye on her schedules, it would be fun to have a class to go to when I finally get to visit.

  6. Missing you and your posts! Hope everything is fine.



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