Friday, March 5, 2010

Life takes over....

This is my March calendar and this statement is so true for me right
now! Between my family, the children's sports activities and work...
life is so very busy.

Our family enjoyed a wonderful time last Sunday night at church as
we attended the Senior Blessing Banquet. Each senior had a table and
it was decorated with memorabilia. I purchased this 7Gypsies ATC
display and really liked how it turned out.

I included photos of Macy over her lifetime (this is from Kindergarten
graduation). The parents read a book called The Blessing and then we
were asked to write a blessing to our child. After dinner, we went to
a quiet place and read our blessing to Macy. Such a special time with
her, but needless to say, the tears have begun to fall....for her and me!
And, graduation isn't even here yet!

Many special folks were in attendance, including the 12th grade
coaches. Tom has been with Macy's grade since they were 5th
graders. He has been such a special part of Macy's life.

Here's the whole senior group, about 25 in all! After so many years
together, including VBS, church camp,mission trips, etc....I believe
they will miss each other. Happy Weekend!


  1. Awe Kana...
    Being a Mom of a graduating child is very emotional right now...let the tears fall because it will get better. Sounds like you had a wonderful time at the banquet, that was such a neat and special event!
    Take time and enjoy these last 3 months of high school with her...don't blink or miss anything ~ these are some of the greatest moments, trust me!!!!

  2. Hey Kana,
    What a great moment you had with your daughter. It's all good! Using the 7 Gypsies ATC was a great idea to display all those special memories. She is so lucky to have that close knit group of friends forever.
    Enjoy your days!
    Sharon :-)

  3. I think you could say that my daughter is graduating too this year. She is 16 and doing her exams, after that she goes to another school, she has chosen to become a nurse. Is graduating all about that?
    I can totally relate to you. Life goes soooo fast, one day a toddler, the other day going to the Christmas school ball with her boyfriend. It is good to look back sometimes. We always tend to run fast forward. Enjoy the present! Have a great weekend and don't forget to take a rest, that's what weekends are for, actually! love, LiLi

  4. This made me cry! So sweet. Your daughter is just gorgeous...just like her mom!!!

  5. kana, i loved
    this. what
    a wonderful
    moment you all
    happy day!

  6. What a beautiful tradition! I am long past that tim but still remember the sadness...and now my daughter has bounced back...which is really fun!




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