Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dorm Room Decor

She has been away at college for almost 3 weeks. Here's the
before shot of the fully loaded car!

Macy and her roomate Madeline decided on a black and
white color scheme. Macy's accent color is yellow.

She LOVES penguins, so I found this cute one at Joann's.
I broke out the ole sewing machine and made the 2 smaller
pillows. The one on the right is circles of black linen
and it is really cute in person.

Madeline's accent color is pink. She had a cute
headboard and matching pillow made. The room
looks really nice!

This lamp was pink and white before I sanded, painted and
pommed it up. Good as new for the dorm room!

All smiles after a day of hard work. Notice the pretty black
and white damask curtain and a bit of art for the wall.

Macy and Madeline were very pleased with the finished room.

There were no tears shed when we left...just look how happy
she is!! But....we do miss her!


  1. Times have really changed since my kids were in college and their rooms looked like jail cells. You and the girls did a great job making the room look cozy and inviting! Cute, cute, cute!

  2. Oh my goodness she is gorgeous!!! Well..look at her mom! My dorm room was decorated...but not that nice. Good job all of you.

  3. Your daughter is just beautiful, Kana. She looks like a lovely girl, too. I cannot believe the dorm (and your daughter and roommate) did an incredible job. It is stunning. Mine was a jail cell like Joyce's and had cement block walls and linoleum floors. It was new and I thought it was sooooo special!

    I am so glad you have come back to blogging. I have lurked for too long!!!


  4. To be YOUNG again! CUTE!
    Their room is totally fitting for two Queens :)

    But seriously Kana...
    I'm NOT believing the story that any tears weren't shed...that's hard to believe from you!

  5. the picture of your daughter looking so excited and happy in front of her house made me laugh AND cry... blessing

  6. Boy does this bring back some memories!!! Love their room. :)

  7. I don't mean to be nosey. I'm just a stranger here. I've been looking for "black and white damask curtains" like yours everywhere! So cute! When I google imaged it- your pic came up. Where can I get those?? Thanks! --Heather



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