Saturday, September 18, 2010

Halloween Fun.....

I had the pleasure of attending Phillips General Store's
Halloween showing last night. This lovely old antique
store is located in Bell Buckle, TN, not far from Nashville.

It truly was a Halloween feast for the eyes. The store
was closed all week to prepare the store and the windows.
Every year they host this event and even have a small
show in the window, sorta like community theatre.

Here I am with Cousin It.....very hairy!

Here's the wonderful host, Billy Phillips, aka Gomez Adams.
Please note his lovely bouquet of dead flowers.

The show was very cute and the actors did a great job.
Here's Mortica Adams with Uncle Fester.

Jason makes a handsome Uncle Fester. He is not really
an actor, but a wonderful vintage inspired designer.

His real name is Jason Parker Counce and he makes all
types of vintage holiday goodies!

Don't you just love his Halloween handiwork? I had to have
a couple of his pieces and will share them with you later.

He makes these small scented sachets. Love all of
these pretties in the violin case!

A sparkling Halloween costume for this dapper fellow.

Love these off white pumpkins.

More of Jason's work, these owls come in different colors and
textures of fabric....very cute for fall decorating. Stay tuned,
I will share photos of the windows soon!


  1. Hi Kana how are you? I love to see this Halloween post, I'm planning to do some Halloween decoration this week too, but here Halloween is really small and starts maybe 20ish October, so I could really use some good inspiration like your photos, thanks! Have a great weekend!

  2. ok. where was I when all this Halloween fun was happening? ;)
    This looked like SO much fun and all is soooooo pretty! I think I'm in LOVE with Fester...I mean Jason! I wish he'd come decorate my house like that.
    I can't wait to see all the goodies you bought.

    On another subject...are you missing the Queen? Her being at college hasn't been too rough on ya...has it???

  3. That looks like a really great store!

  4. I met Jason not too many weeks ago at a sale in our town. He is one talented crafty dude...I had already seen his things for sale and knew his name. I remember I told him about Bayberry Cove...that he should sell on that site. Hmmm...does he blog?

  5. What great decorations! I love those paper shoes! It looked like a good time. Thanks for coming by and visiting me today.




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