Sunday, November 21, 2010

Caketini welcome and Vendor night

A couple of Bellas hosted "Caketini", which was Thursday
afternoon before all of the Silver Bella opening festivities.
Several of us attended, big sisters met little sisters and
we all made new friends and visited with old friends.

The little caketinis were wonderful! Small cakes with
chocolate icing....yum!

Lori Oles and me....full of sugar and all smiles!

Now on to dinner Thursday evening, which was a feast!
Many different choices at several different tables. This is
Laura from 52 Flea, she was my roomie Kim's little sister.
Look at her cute swap, I believe a trim swap and the hostess
put the different trims in an egg container.

Besides having dinner with Laura, we also ate with Lulu and
her roomie Shelly. We had a wonderful time together. Lulu
was very good to meet several of us via ours blogs prior to
arriving in Omaha, so it was great to meet her face to face!

On to Vendor night and yes the theme was "Hats on
Parade". I believe Karla had the best hat!! It is a
hat with a bird cage on it and even one of the
birds is wearing a top hat.....too cute!

Me with the wonderful Amy Powers, she is such a sweetie!
I do believe she made her mini tophat, and decorated it
with all things vintage and Christmas. I loved it.

This is Heather and she has on a great top hat and too
bad all of the detail got lost in the background. She hosted
one of my swaps and it was great to meet her and spend time
with her as well. Don't ask us to solder anything for you,
we are a little slow at it... but had a great time!

Here's my lovely Atlanta friend, Suzanne. I always enjoy her
company. Hope to show swaps and projects soon, just a
little sidetracked with Thanksgiving right now!


  1. Hi Kana,
    Your pictures are fabulous! It was so great to meet you at Silver Bella! There were so many lovely girls to visit with and so much creativity and inspiration to enjoy! Thanks for sharing all these wonderful photos!
    Take care, Laura

  2. Thanks for sharing pictures from Silver Bella........Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

  3. kana,
    it was so
    much fun
    getting to
    see you at
    silver bella -
    you are just
    so adorable!
    counting down
    the days till
    next year!
    and happy day
    to you!



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