Thursday, February 5, 2009

Amy Butler apron

I just finished this apron for the Amy Butler
apron swap hosted by Holly. This apron is
headed to my secret partner in California.
She likes pink and green, so I hope she
will like this mixture of pretty Amy Butler fabrics.
I will share my apron when it arrives.

Now that I have finished all of my swaps and mailed is time to clean up a great big mess!!!


  1. Clever Girl! Makes me want to wear an apron....well nearly. I have a couple and never use them LOL!
    Irene ;)

  2. oh- sweet apron. I'm in California! But I know it's not for me as I'm not part of the swap! *giggles* That is a lovely apron! Lucky gal!

  3. What a pretty apron! I love the color combination. Blessings..Julie

  4. Lucky me! I live in California and I am the one to receive this adorable apron!!! It's even cuter in real life:) Thank you so much! I love the style and the fabrics that you used. I like the way that the apron ties in the front also! Very cute... hugs to you! Sinta

  5. OH, I forgot to thank you for the little notebook and the recipe... it sounds so good! We are having the perfect weather for soup:)



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