Saturday, February 28, 2009

My First Estate Sale and a little egg............

I have wanted to go to an estate sale and after
inspiration from Beth, I went today. Armed with
my newspaper and directions, I marched on. Since
I was short on time, I decided to go to two sales
that were about 1/2 mile apart. I did not have any
luck at the first sale, but I did at the second house.
My prize purchase today was this beautiful, old Singer
sewing machine. I started sewing about 22 years ago
and have desired an old machine to have out for display.
I have passed on several that I have seen at the antique
stores as the price tag was too high. So, today was my
day and the price tag was $5. The gentleman who sold
it to me said that it was his mom's machine and she was
born in 1920. I will cherish it!

I also mailed out my Easter Egghunt swap to Vivian.
We each made 2 eggs,Vivian will swap them out
and in April, we will post photos of the eggs we
received and the eggs we made and the hunt begins
to find the identity of the creators. I made this
pink egg for Vivian as a small thank you for hosting.

Have a lovely last day of February! Kana


  1. WOW! Its beautiful! and $5!!!! What a great buy Kana. Well done. The egg is lovely too. So feminine!
    Irene :)

  2. You really got a great buy with the sewing machine, it is so neat! I love your egg too, how'd you do it????

    My blog header was from Heidi Swapp's new house of 3, it was a freebie. Hope all is well for you today - we are having major snow right now!

  3. Oh boy what a score!! I love that you found out a little history behind it too :)

  4. Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog! And thank you for your kind words about my hand painted eggs! Love yours too!! Glitter is wonderful isn't it?



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