Thursday, April 30, 2009

Marie arrives...

This beauty is all mine! My swapping partner, Rochelle, made a wonderful collage!
The papers are beautiful and I love the Maria blue.

She included so many lovely details, especially the glitter and bling.

Another closeup....don't you love the velvet ribbon and jewels?

This is the Marie collage that I made for Rochelle....she decorates with red.

So, I tried to give her collage a bit of red coloring and accents.

Rochelle, it has been a pleasure trading with you and I will
most definately enjoy this collage! Thanks!!


  1. Rochelle did a wonderful job. The collage is simply gorgeous. You did great too with using Rochelles color red on her collage. Lovely work gals...

  2. Wow these are both spectacular! I love your new banner!!!!!

  3. Both of the collages are gorgeous! This was such a neat idea and the results are awesome. I really like your new header! Very eye-catching Kana!

  4. Wow both your and Rochelle's collages are fabulous! I love how you designed them with your partner in mind too, so thoughtful of you

  5. Both of these collages are beautiful! What a treasure to have!

  6. Hi Kana!
    I love love love your new blog banner!
    Both of those collages are simply beautiful! How fun was that? Now I'm sure you'll smile every time you look at it! (I'd have to pass by and run my fingers over the velvet ribbon...)tee hee
    I enjoyed my visit here!!!!!
    everything vintage



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