Thursday, April 9, 2009

Object of my desire and remembering Grandmother

I admired this pretty piece for several months, always entering the antique store and touring it in the same fashion. The last room, full of beautiful things, held this petite double frame. Of course, I viewed the price and it was too much. So, visit after visit, I just checked to see if it was still there. One day, as I turned the corner to the space, the cabinet with the double frame was not in the back corner. For a moment, I was sad, as I knew my beautiful piece had found a permanent home.
Fortunately, the cabinet had been moved to the front of the space and my piece was still waiting for me! I asked the antique store owner to check on a better price and this beauty became mine. I keep it on my bathroom vanity, so that I may gaze on it every morning. It is so lovely and the little children are precious!

I am remembering my Grandmother today.....she left us 2 years ago at the age of 87. She was a wife to Malcolm, mother to Jim and Pat, grandmother to Kana, Kreg, Kyle and Kristi, and great grandmother to Macy, Kyle, Chase, Chad and Kenson. She so loved life and mostly loved her family, especially those wonderful great grandchildren! This is one of my favorite photographs of her with my two children, in her backyard where she loved to tend to flowers (circa 1998).


  1. It's always a sad day don't you think, when you have to remember that some one left on this day? Even when she was 87. Luckily though you have these beautiful memories. Loving a person goes beyond death or amor vincit omnia, love conquers all. I love your brooch!
    Happy Easter to you and your family!

  2. hey there sweets,
    Happy Easter!!!



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