Sunday, April 19, 2009

Vintage hanky holder, a hat, a necklace, a sneak peak & hurdles

I recently purchased a hankerchief box and a glove box, with
the intention of repurposing them for my stash of vintage jewels
and buttons for future projects. I also picked up a few buttons
and some pretty silver trim.

Finally, I was able to purchase a vintage hat full of lovely flowers for a decent price. I have seen plenty of them at antique stores, but too pricey for me. I can see these flowers on future projects.

I won this beauty from Karla. She has a monthly give away and I must say she picked a great gift for me in March! I love all of the dangling charms.

This is a sneak peak for Debra. We are participating in a May Basket
swap over at A Year of Color. I altered this white basket to robin's
egg blue....Debra's favorite color. More photos of our swap to come.

And finally, I am sharing a photo (Jae S. Lee, The Tennessean) of my sweet daughter. She took top honors at a local track meet on Saturday. She was given the honor of "Outstanding Female Athlete"! What an honor for this hard working gal.....and yes her dad, brother and mom are very proud of her!!


  1. beautiful treasures, including a lovely daughter:)

  2. Great photo of your daughter, I think there are more charming ways to act than running and jumping but she even manages to do this gracious! I love all your treasures. I try to collect those buttoncards with the lovely picture, but I never find them over here. The flowers are lovely too. And of course the necklace from Karla. I think this is one of her best prizes yet! You are again a lucky girl!

  3. I agree-you had a very lucky weekend. Don't you just love to find old buttons on their cards-makes you never want to use them. The hat was a real find and the flowers will be gorgeous on your projects! The necklace is a treasure!Congratulations to your sweet daughter on her win! Outstanding Female Athlete is quite an honor. Looking at that picture of her makes my thighs ache! :)

  4. I love the hat you found...And, that photo of your daughter jumping hurdles is amazing. Congratulations to her for receiving the award! You always have such great posts! I enjoy your blog...

  5. huge congrats to your daughter...what an honor...and the photo is amazing...she is a beautiful girl...i love all of your treasures...i am always on the lookout for cute button cards...i am in the same boat with you on the hats...they are always SO pricey...or have just a few flowers...the one you found is a beauty...i did find a few myself while shopping with my mom...i will have those on my next post...

  6. You don't have to "peek" anymore, come over to my blog and see the whole thing!! Your are all going to wish you participated (and were lucky enough to have Kana as your partner).

    Thank You Kana!

  7. Hello Kana,
    Thank you for coming by my blog and for the nice comment. Congratulations on your daughter's title. I'm sure she deserves it.

    I love all the vintage buys especially the hat. I recently purchased a few myself and I love them. And you lucky gal winning karla's giveaway. I love her blog too.


  8. Hi Kana
    Congratulations on your daughter! I am putting the final touches on your collage! :) I had fun making it and I can't wait to see mine - yours is in the mail tomorrow!!
    Have a great day



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